Soccer coaching drill on defending as a unit

This is a great session to coach your players in defending as a unit. It means your players will know what to do when they are up against two attackers. It is all about pressure and support.

The aim of the session

The nearest defender in the exercise must pressure the ball quickly to isolate the player in possession. The other two defenders must take up supporting positions marking the second striker, the space the striker may run into and the route to goal.

How to set it up

Use an area 50 yards by 30 yards with four cones, four balls and one goal.

How to play it

  1. The coach calls a number and that player dribbles into the area to attack with his team mate.
  2. The nearest defender puts pressure on the ball and the remaining defenders provide cover.
  3. If the defenders win the ball back, then that attack is complete and the dribbling player takes the place of the initial attacker for the next attack.

This session is from Perfect Defending by Michael Beale, designed to help coach players in every aspect of the game, from individual core skills to team-based defending strategies

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