Soccer drill to get defenders clearing high balls

Use this soccer drill to prepare your defenders to clear high balls from the penalty area.

Soccer drill session to get defenders clearing the ball

The point of the soccer (football) drill is to get defenders taking responsibility away from the goalkeeper when high balls are played into the box. Coach them to hassle the attackers and head the ball high and wide away from the goal.

Take the pressure off your goalkeeper

This is true at all the age groups. High balls are very difficult for young goalkeepers to catch and often the ball spills out of their hands and into the path of a lurking attacker or worse the ball drops down and crosses the goal-line to gift a soft goal to the opposition.

Run the soccer drill

The soccer coaching drill session starts with the two centre backs clearing balls served from wide positions. The drill session progresses by adding both offensive and defensive players.

Soccer drill for getting defenders clearing the ball from the box

Key soccer coaching tips

  • Tell your players to be first to the ball and be brave to beat the attacker and head the ball away.

  • Tell your players not to let the attacker get to the ball first.
  • Tell your players to clear the ball far, high and wide.
  • Tell your defenders to step up and follow the clearance out.

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