Soccer drill to get players goalside

Coaching your players to get goalside is one of the basic positional tips a soccer coach can give. Follow these soccer coaching tips and drills to make it clear to your team just what's involved.

"GOALSIDE! GET GOALSIDE!" How often have you heard this shouted at young players who apparently haven't a clue what the coach means? In fact this positional move involves your players getting between the opposition and the goal. Simple!

The advantage of getting players to understand what goalside means is that, during matches when your team are caught on the break and are funnelling back, they will naturally try to get between the attacker and the goal without you having to shout.

And if you do shout, they'll know what you mean.

Soccer drill tips to get players goalside

Start by showing where a player stands to be goalside, then set up a drill to practise the move:

In an area approximately 40 x 10 metres, and using a full-size goal, play one attacker versus two defenders.

A server begins the soccer drill by passing to the attacker who has to try and beat the first defender and head for goal.

The second defender starts from a position approx 10m further back and can only start their recovery run once the server has passed the ball. He needs to get GOALSIDE.

Key soccer coaching tip: make sure you switch players, so everyone has a turn at getting goalside.

image shows drill to get players goalside and challenge attacker with the ball

When your players get goalside, tell them to either challenge the attacker with the ball or cover a team mate challenging for the ball. If they cannot do either, they should mark an attacker or, failing that, mark space.

Extend the soccer drill

Advance this soccer drill by using a small-sided game where your players must get goalside when they have lost the ball.