Soccer drill to get your players making the most of extra players

Your players will get used to taking advantage of extra players in overload situations in matches – if you use soccer drills regularly to get them practising this. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing an advantage given away by players not thinking or being aware of what is going on in front of them.

In this soccer drill, players have to react quickly to defend or attack in a number of three attackers versus two defenders situations.

What you should be looking out for is attackers passing quickly, or using dribbling skills, to give the defenders no time to cover all the options. When defending, the two players should try to isolate the player with the ball.

Here's what you get your players to do:

Arrange your players into three teams of four. Two teams act as the attackers/defenders. One team acts as the playmakers.

One player from the playmaker team and two players from the other teams make up the soccer drill. The playmaker gets the ball and chooses white or grey to be his attacking partners. In the diagram the white team are picked so he joins two of those players to attack two players from the grey team who become defenders.

How to make the most of your extra player in a 3v2 situation

The coach passes to the choice/playmaker who makes a pass to one of the teams to determine which are his team mates and therefore who are the attackers or defenders.

The soccer drill continues in a 3v2 situation. If the ball changes hands, then so does the playmaker.

One tip here is to add extra "floating" players, one for each team, who can only join in when their team has possession of the ball.