Soccer drill to prepare players for 1v1s in match situations

When you watch soccer matches you see 1v1 situations all over the pitch. Your players will face one-on-ones every time they play so use your soccer coaching sessions to prepare them. It’s where matches are won or lost.

Develop your players’ soccer skills

Sometimes you have to let your soccer (football) players take players on rather than coaching them to constantly pass the ball.

Benefits of 1v1 skills show in matches

  • You need your players to reap the benefits of working on one-on-one situations. When my teams play matches, be it at Under-7 or Under-15, they do not hesitate to confidently beat their opponents in one-on-one situations.
  • This soccer (football) drill helps all age groups and is fun to coach and practise.
  • Coaching 1v1 soccer drills will help your players’ confidence, decision-making skills, technique and their fitness.

Praise defenders as well as attackers

If you structure the soccer coaching drill session so your defenders as well as your wingers and attackers are given time on the ball, you also can achieve a motivational balance.

Defenders should be valued in this situation as much as attackers.

This is competitive ball work in one-on-one soccer drills representing the play you would get in matches. Your players need to use moves and turns to win against each other.

How to coach the soccer drill

  • Tell your attackers to keep the ball moving in this soccer drill.
  • They need to uses moves and turns such as step-overs, dragbacks, and dummies to lose the defender.
  • Tell them to take every opportunity to score points.
  • The way to do it is to keep the ball close to their body.

When a player scores a point in this soccer drill he keeps possession and tries to score another point. He keeps the ball until it goes out of play or he losses the ball to the defender.

Soccer drill to get players practising 1v1s

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