Soccer passing drill to split defence

Drawing defenders forward then passing between them is an important attacking move so your midfielders can play the attackers into space near the goal. Catching defenders in two minds makes it difficult for them to turn and react to the through ball, giving your attackers a head start in the race for the ball.

I use this small-sided soccer game to get my players thinking about passing the ball between defenders. It is a 4v2 small-sided game with a difference.

Mark out a 20 yard square and get a team of four and a team of two. All the players will have to have a turn as the team of two so you could create three teams of two to save time later.

Small sided soccer drill to coach defence splitting passes

Run the game

  • The team of four, or two of the teams of two, work together on the outside of the grid and the team of two, the defenders, work on the inside.

  • The team of four start with the ball and must keep it away from the defenders inside the grid.
  • The outside team scores a goal by passing between the two defenders.
  • The defenders must work together to keep the gap between them to a minimum and close the ball down so they can intercept the passes.
  • No tackling is allowed.

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