Dribble and step over and shoot soccer coaching drill

If attackers are having trouble losing defenders, they can wrong foot the opponents between them and the goal by using a simple step-over soccer drill to practise creating space for a shot.

In this soccer coaching session, players learn how to wrong foot the last defender by dribbling towards them, then using a step-over to create space for a shot.

Step over and shoot soccer drill

This is the sequence, skills and technique you are coaching your attackers to use in a game situation. Mastering the step-over and shot will give your soccer players the added skills to use in a 1v1 situation.

Soccer coaching drill session to get players using dribble, step over and shoot skills

Set up the soccer drill session

Use an area 40 yards by 20 yards with a pole or triangular cone placed in the centre of the pitch. Using poles or corner flags, create target zones in the corners of the goals.

What your players have to do in the drill

  • Split players into two groups for this drill, starting from opposite corners of the pitch to the right of each goal.

  • The first player from each group sets off at the same time by dribbling towards the central pole, performing a step-over to the right and shooting into the corner of the goal.
  • After shooting, the players join the back of the other line and the second players set off.
  • Move the groups so they start from the corners of the pitch to the left of each goal and practise their step-overs to the left.

How to advance the soccer drill skills

Replace the pole in the middle with a pair of passive defenders (players who have just taken a shot can be the defender for a turn). You can also remove the poles in each goal and add a goalkeeper at either end.

Put the soccer drill into a game situation

  • Two teams of four players line up 20 yards to 25 yards from goal.

  • The first player from Team A must use their soccer skill to beat the first player from Team B and score past the goalkeeper (bottom picture, left).
  • After shooting, the first player from Team A becomes the defender in the 1v1 and tries to stop the second player from Team B (bottom picture, right).
  • Award points for successfully completing the step-over, for scoring, and bonus points for scoring across the goalkeeper in the corner. The team with the most points wins.

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