Dribbling and passing soccer drill

This soccer warm-up combines pace and accuracy in dribbling and shooting.

How to set it up

Arrange your players into two teams and assemble the cones as shown.

Getting started

  • Teams must compete against each other and try to be the first to knock the balls off the cones.
  • The players dribble at top speed into the shooting box and then try to hit the cones with a pass.
  • The next player goes when the previous player has sprinted back to the group.

Warm up dos:

  • Ensure that everyone is taking it seriously.
  • Vary moves each session.
  • Be lighthearted and join in yourself.

Warm up don’ts:

  • Finish the warm-up until you are content everyone is primed.
  • Be afraid to incorporate other sports (e.g. a rugby or tennis ball).