Dribbling at speed soccer drill

When your players win the ball off the opposition in midfield and pass it quickly they must be able to dribble at speed towards the opposition goal to take advantage of the turnover. Use this football dribbling drill to help.

Speed dribbling skills

It can be so frustrating. Your tough, tackling midfielder has won the ball off the opposition who are pushing on towards your goal. Suddenly he hits a pass to a team-mate who turns and heads towards the other goal. But he cannot dribble at speed and has to slow down to get control of the ball. The opposition defenders catch up and the chance is gone.

How to dribble

Make sure this situation doesn’t happen again. Get your players practising their football dribbling skills in training and watch them take advantage in your next match.

Dribbling drills to get players dribbling at speed

How to set up the dribbling drill

  • Set up a 20m x 20m square using cones.
  • Stand two small goals 10m away to the left and 10m to the right.
  • This is a 3 v 3 game so you may need to set up two or three grids.

How to run the dribbling drill

  • The team in white starts out with the ball and has to play keep-ball for as long as possible.
  • If one of the midfielders in the dark shirts wins the ball, he tries to dribble through one of the small goals at top speed.
  • One player from the white team is allowed to move out of the square to try to tackle him.

Key coaching tip for football dribbling

Look for speed of combination play.

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