Dribbling skills drill in a square

Younger players often just need to run around a square, keeping the ball close to their feet without any tackling. Use these soccer drills to get your youngsters used to having the ball so they're not just fly-kicking it up the pitch in any direction.

This soccer drill session is all about being comfortable on the ball and improving your young players' dribbling skills.

Soccer drill for young players, developing ball control skills

What you get your players to do in this drill:

Stage 1: In an area 12 x 10 metres, 11 players – who have a ball each – dribble in and out of the other players, making sure they avoid each other and that their footballs don’t touch any other player or football.

Stage 2: Increase the size of the area to 12 x 12 metres. This time each player has a set time, say 45 seconds, to dribble their ball to each of the four touchlines.

They must stop the ball dead on the line before moving to the next line.

Make sure your players are aware of the other players around them.