Fun indoor coaching game

When you are coaching your young soccer (football) players, there are often times when the players start to lose concentration and the session becomes a bit ragged or unfocused. Use this fun game to get players back on track. It’s a good exercise to use when weather conditions mean indoor play is necessary.

Some short coaching games are good to have up your sleeve so that you, or one of your helpers, can use them to distract the youngsters.

This game is particularly enjoyed by younger players.

Soccer coaching game to focus players

Call out the names of different types of bean and the players have to move as the name suggests.

As the game progresses you can speed up the rate of the calls.

  • Broad bean – star jump with arms and legs spread wide.
  • Jumping bean – jump up and down.
  • Jelly bean – wobble like a jelly.
  • Runner bean – run on the spot.
  • String bean – stretch as tall as possible.
  • French bean – shout “Ooo la laa”.

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