Simple soccer drills to work on dribbling and shooting

In these simple soccer drills you are stretching your young attacker's ball control and shooting skills. Use two goalkeepers for an attacker to face 1v2, then in the next soccer drills extend the work to force play wide and finally add a defender.

Soccer drills to get young players working on dribbling and shooting skills

Soccer drill set up

In the first soccer drill, the players run from just outside the 18-yard area and are faced with two goalkeepers.

  • G1 closes the attacker down, narrowing the angle he can shoot from.

  • The attacker must beat the first goalkeeper, then face the second one.
  • G2 must stay on his line and try to save any shots that come his way.

First soccer drill

Tell attackers to go left or right past G1

  • In this first soccer drill the attackers must work at close control, feinting, and the use of both feet. Tell your attackers they can go left or right of the advancing goalkeeper, the second goalkeeper must stay on the line.

  • Run past cones and shoot from an angle.

Second soccer drill

  • The second drill is more straightforward. Two groups take it in turns to run with the ball around three cones in front of them before shooting at goal.

  • Tell your players to go wide around the last object to narrow the angle of the shot at goal. When they have taken the shot, they go to the back of the opposite queue so they are given the chance to shoot, and dribble, using their left and right foot.
  • Shots should be across the goalkeeper.
  • When the players get to the last cone, they should be looking to shoot across the goalkeeper. This will also give your goalkeeper a chance to practise holding onto these shots.
  • Add a defender to push attackers wide.

Third soccer drill

In the third soccer drill a defender is added, so the attacker now has to beat the defender before shooting at goal.

  • The attackers must take turns to use their pace or skill to make a run into an angle wide of the defender before shooting.

  • Tackled attackers become the defender.
  • This is a tiring soccer drill for one defender, who is constantly tackling or jockeying the attackers, so change this player frequently. I add a bit of extra competition by extending the soccer drill, so that attackers who finish with a shot at goal join the back of their line, those who miss the target or get tackled must take the place of the defender.

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