Soccer dribbling technique

This drill session looks at players’ soccer title=”Dribbling drills and skills” href=”–Drills-Dribbling-drills”>dribbling technique with the ball when they change direction at speed. The aim of the drill is to get the players keeping the ball under close control as they move.

Basic football skills to look for in the dribbling drill

  • Players moving the ball from one foot to the other as they change direction, and good touch on the ball.
  • The aim of the drill is to improve dribbling skills and close control.

How to dribble a football

Encourage your players to follow these key techniques when dribbling and changing direction at speed.

  • Keep the ball within playing distance.
  • Use the inside and outside of both feet.
  • Take quick, small steps.
  • Players must dribble with their heads up.

Soccer drill to coach basic dribbling skills

Set up dribbling drill

  • Mark out a circular playing area approximately 15 yards in diameter, with a square inside approximately 5 yards wide. The size of each area is dependent on the number of players involved.
  • The dimensions above should be used as a guide for six players – you will need this number of players as a minimum.

Run the drill

  • Players stand, evenly spaced, around the perimeter of the circle.
  • The first player dribbles into the square, changes direction, then dribbles towards another player, who moves forward to receive the ball and repeats the drill.
  • When players change direction they must exit through one of the three other sides of the square and not the side they entered.

How to develop the drill

Get players to increase the speed of the dribble. Introduce a second dribbling player at the same time. Dribbling players now have to keep their heads up in order to avoid colliding. This also reduces the options of where a player can dribble out to.

Play the dribbling drill in a game

Play a small-sided game on a pitch 30 yards by 20 yards with two end zones. The two teams play across the width of the pitch, defending their own zone and attacking the one opposite. Teams score a point for dribbling into the zone they are attacking.

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