Soccer drill to get players running long distances with the ball

Running with the ball over long distances is important, but you need an end product – a cross or a shot. This soccer drill gives you the chance to use the running skills of your players to put the ball into danger areas that your team can exploit.
How to set up the drill

  • Use a 20/30 yard pitch with a wide channel, as in the diagram below.

  • Two goals and two goalkeepers.

soccer drill to work on long running with the ball skills

  • A white-shirted player runs at speed with the ball from left to right in the channel. Just before reaching the touchline, they cross the ball in front of the goal, not too close to the goalkeeper.

  • A dark-shirted player runs on to the crossed ball and shoots first time at the goal. The drill is then repeated from right to left.
  • Rotate the player’s starting position so that each has a turn from each direction.

Put these soccer drill skills into action

Play a game at the end of the soccer drill session to put your coaching skills into action.

Play a normal game and encourage players to run into space with the ball when the opportunity arises. You might continue to use the wide channel in the game and award an extra point for any goals scored from crosses from this position.