Soccer drill to help strikers control dribble and shoot

Focusing on soccer drills to help young strikers' skills in controlling the ball, dribbling and shooting is a good way to ensure you get more shots on goal than before. These soccer drills are helping develop your players' soccer instincts in front of the goal.

I use this soccer drill to give my strikers a good, solid work out. It's also a great way for your goalkeeper to practise saving 1v1s.

image shows strikers practising dribbling by running in a twisting run and shooting at goal

  • Set up the drill as in the diagram.

  • Use six players and a goalkeeper.
  • You stand on the corner of the penalty area and encourage your strikers to move quickly into the area in a twisting run and shoot into the corner.

What your players have to do in this drill

  • Players line up beside the goal and at the corner of the penalty area.

  • First player beside the goal serves the ball diagonally to the player in line who must dribble towards the goal and shoot.
  • The server then runs around behind the striker to join the queue.
  • The goalkeeper must be on their toes and try to save the 1v1.
  • The striker runs to the back of the server queue by the goal.

Tips to advance the drill

Advance the soccer drill by getting the server to follow their pass and become a defender to try and stop the striker shooting, instead of running behind the attacker to join the queue. Once they have defended, then they go and join the back of the striker queue.

If the player who receives the ball is fast, they can get into the penalty area and shoot before the defender has reached them.

Soccer skills to look for in this drill

  • Accurate passing, good ball control, quick defensive covering, dribbling, accurate shooting. And you can get your goalie to practise one on ones.

  • A good soccer coaching tip is to tell your strikers to keep shots low, concentrate on accuracy before power and follow in for rebounds.