Soccer drill to sharpen dribbling skills

Use this soccer drill to coach your players to maintain good ball control when running and dribbling. It's all about improving familiarity with the ball and touch when running with it.

Key coaching points in this soccer (football) drill

You need to get your players thinking about what they need to do when they're running with the ball, including:

  • Keeping the ball within playing distance.

  • Using the inside and outside of both feet.
  • Taking quick, small steps.
  • Keeping heads up.
  • Thinking about technique first, speed later.

Soccer coaching drill to work on tighter dribbling skills

Set up soccer (football) drill for dribbling skills

  • Set up eight pyramid cones approx 0.5 yards to 1 yard apart.

  • Players split into two groups, one group at each end of the line of cones.

How to run the soccer drill

The first player from the first group dribbles in and out of the cones without touching them and finishes with a pass to the first player from the second group, who repeats the soccer drill in the opposite direction.

Develop the drill

  • Move the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th cones approximately 1 yard to 2 yards to the left to create a second line of cones.

  • Players again take it in turns to dribble though the eight cones.
  • Repeat the soccer drill, but increase the speed of the dribble.

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