Use a quick one-two instead of dribbling

It can be frustrating for you and your team when one player, who may be very good at dribbling, will not take the opportunity to pass past a player with a quick one-two and keeps losing the ball to a strong defender. Use the following soccer drill to coach more options when players are running with the ball.

This is a good soccer drill to add to your repertoire when you are coaching dribbling skills. Rather than dribble through poles or cones, you can get your players to dribble through real defenders, as they would in matches. Then show them how to pass past the same players.

Set up the drill

  • Split your training pitch into three zones around five yards x 10 yards each, and have two attackers/passers in the first zone. Put defenders in zone two.
  • One of your attackers dribbles to the second zone where he must play a quick one-two with his supporting team-mate to beat the defender.
  • The supporting player passes the ball back into his path.
  • The first attacker then dribbles towards the next defender and repeats the same action.
  • His team-mate successfully plays the ball back.

soccer drill to get players using one-twos to get past defender

Extend the drill

Once your players have got the hang of this soccer drill, you can make the drill challenge harder for the more advanced players with the following soccer coaching tips.

  • Tell your players to vary their approach angles and starting positions and you can vary the size of each zone in the drill.
  • Put in a chasing player to pressure the dribbling football player.
  • Add another defender who puts pressure on the supporting player so they have to pass quicker.

Key soccer coaching tips for dribbling skills

  • Tell your dribbling player to wait for the defender to come to him.
  • Tell him to keep the defender guessing by using faking movements, such as step-overs and dropping his shoulder.
  • Tell both the dribbler and the supporting player they must use explosive bursts of pace to get into the positions to play and receive the ball.

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