Goalkeeper training demands special coaching requirements. However, like most coaches, you probably don’t have time to devote as much attention to your goalkeepers as you would like. These drills highlight some of the main things you need to be aware of when undertaking goalkeeper training.

We look at angles, shot-stopping, organising a defence, handling, fitness and much more. We also try as much as possible to make sure that your goalkeeping practices work as team practices too.


Coaching a goalkeeper to dive correctly – the basics

Technique is just about the most important thing a young goalkeeper can be taught. A young goalkeeper might be agile and have quick reactions but if they hurt themselves when they dive I can guarantee they won’t be doing it very often. Use the following tips and soccer drills to show them how to do it safely. It’s no […]

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Coaching the goalkeeper ready position

Young goalkeepers need all the help they can get! Being a ‘keeper is a thankless task at the best of times but if a nine or ten year old lets a shot slip though their hands and into the net they are going to feel terrible. So make sure your goalkeepers know all about the […]

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Soccer warm up drill to keep goalies on their toes

I like this soccer drill because it's easy to set up and it makes a good warm-up drill for your goalkeeper before matches or before your soccer coaching sessions. It also helps your strikers work on their low shots. Unfortunately, goalkeepers sometimes stand around for matches with very little to do. But, even if they […]

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Fun fast game to get goalies making shots

This is a good, fun game to get your goalkeeper making shots and to help him with goalkicks. It's a fast 1v1 where each goalkeeper can score using various skills – throw, kick, drop-kick. As soon as a goalkeeper saves, he shoots back. This game is all about the ability to get behind the ball […]

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Soccer coaching tips to help your goalie jump

These soccer coaching tips and drills are aimed at goalkeepers who have to use large goals where a shot can go over their hands and under the crossbar. When goalkeepers change from small 7-a-side goals, they need to be taught to jump more because they are used to just stretching their arms up to stop […]

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Soccer coaching tips to keep your goalie happy

The position of goalkeeper is always the hardest to fill in any youth soccer team. Use this soccer goalie drill and coaching tips to make sure your keeper is happy in his role. When goalkeepers are in the news it’s usually for the wrong reasons – for fumbles or mistakes. No wonder kids don’t want […]

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Soccer drill to work on goalkeeper footspeed

Coaching your goalkeeper to work on his footspeed is vital to his ability to get in position to block shots. Goalkeepers who are quick off the mark will save your team if they can get the skills right. Use the following soccer coaching tips and drill to get the best from your goalie. One of […]

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Soccer drills to help goalies stop a high cross

Corners, free-kicks and crosses can cause chaos if your goalkeeper doesn’t jump high and catch the ball. Use the following soccer goalie drills and tips to sharpen your goalie’s skills.   Drill A. Defending the High Cross Use a 15m x 15m square. Put your goalkeeper and two attackers in the square and a player […]

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Soccer drill tips to boost goalkeeper drop kicks

Goalkeepers can score from within their own area, so teaching your goalie effective long kicking skills can be a good attacking move. Get your players to hold the ball out in front of them in both hands, or in the palm of the hand opposite to their strongest foot. As they move forward, tell them […]

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Coaching tips for diving saves

Keeping the ball out of the net is just as important as scoring, and the best part of being a goalkeeper is making a diving save. Follow these soccer coaching tips to improve your goalie's diving skills. Key soccer coaching tip: Get into position early. Diving saves are not just about agility through the air. […]

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