U7 Goalkeeping Soccer Drill

Coaching young goalkeepers is a challenge. A lack of coordination is more evident in the keeper than any outfield player as mistakes are more visible.

Any shot that is travelling towards a goalkeeper’s legs at pace is difficult to deal with. Young goalkeepers, in particular, have problems with these and often opt for kicking the ball away, or end up with the ball hitting, or even worse, going through their legs into the goal.

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U7 Goalkeeping Tips

  1. You want to give goalkeepers a reliable alternative to saving difficult shots that are driven straight at the legs.
  2. Train your goalie to minimise mistakes and rebound opportunities for opposition strikers.

Goalkeepers need to be on their toes for the whole of this drill.

How To Set Up This Drill

  1. Set up a 15-yard square.
  2. You need a goal and two goalkeepers.
  3. One goalkeeper works and the other serves.

image to show goalkeeper positions, stance for feet, position on floor

Main Coaching Points For This Drill:

  • The server must initially just pass the ball straight to the goalkeeper`s feet. As the goalkeeper warms up, develop the soccer drill so that the server begins to shoot at the goalkeeper’s legs with force.
  • Encourage your goalkeeper to step “into line /down the line” of the shot.
  • Bend knees to form a “k” shape with legs, leaning into the direction of ball.
  • Scoop ball with both hands into chest.
  • Drop on top of ball to cover the ball and prevent it spilling from the hands and creating rebounds.
  • After each save in the soccer coaching drill, the goalkeeper becomes the server for the goalkeeper at the opposite end.