Soccer coaching drill to work on goalkeeper angles

When your goalkeeper is faced with a burly attacker bearing down on the goal and some quick decision-making is needed, it’s helpful to get him to use angles to work out where to move. Use this session to help your goalie save more shots on goal.

Confidence is a huge factor for young goalkeepers, but there’s nothing quite like making saves when the attacker is favourite to score. Then you’ll see the pats on the back from team-mates.

And that response and reaction gives the goalkeeper confidence when he feels the rest of the team think he’s good.

Give your goalie the ability to save and become more confident in his role by coaching him how to use angles.

Set up

  • Set up an area approx 20 x 30m, and get five or six players to help you out. You’re going to get your players to run at the goalkeeper and shoot from a distance in this drill.
  • Tell your players to take it in turns to pass long to a position around 10m from goal. The attacker follows his own pass, then shoots with his second touch.

Soccer drill to get goalies thinking about the angle of a shot and where to move in relation to it.

Key soccer coaching tips

Focus on the goalkeeper and tell him to watch the position of the attacker. When the attacker moves to where the ball has been passed to, he moves from a central position to face the attacker and cut down the amount of goal he can see.

In the second phase of the drill, the middle attacker plays the ball left or right to either of the two supporting attackers. The supporting attackers can either shoot first time or take a touch before shooting.

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