Three way soccer drill for goalie and striker skills

Strikers and goalkeepers work well together in threes in a goalkeeping drill that keeps your keeper on his toes.

Set up

Use a small area with two cones for goal posts in this drill. You can vary the width of the goal to test shooters and the goalkeeper. You need lots of balls and someone to retrieve the wayward ones!

three way drill with two strikers and a goalie. Changing sides for shots to keep goalie working hard


1. The first player takes a shot at the goalkeeper.

2. The goalkeeper tries to save, immediately gets up and turns around ready for the other player to shoot.

Developing the drill

  • Make it more difficult for your goalkeeper by making him stand next to a post before each shot.
  • Reduce or increase the size of the goal.
  • Add a player to follow shots in and put pressure on your goalie.

Key soccer coaching tips

Tell your attackers to shoot often and shoot quickly so they really make the keeper work hard. Get them to shoot hard and low near the goalkeeper’s body and into the corners to force him to adapt. Tell your goalkeeper to be on his toes. It is down to you, the coach, to make sure his shot-stopping skills are good.

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