Coach passing with headers

One way to advance your soccer players' skills is to get them to think about heading to make a good pass, rather than heading without purpose.

In this soccer drill session I explain how to get your players heading the ball directly into the path of a team-mate rather than closing their eyes and hoping for the best.

Soccer drill session to get players heading the ball to make a pass

Heading skills drill

To get your players used to heading the ball in the right direction, have them line up in front of you and head for accuracy.

  • You should stand five yards in front of the line.

  • Throw the ball to the player at the front of the line and get them to head the ball straight back to you. They then go to the back of the line. The players should head the ball three or four times each.

How to develop the football (soccer) drill

  • Once you have got players heading straight, get them to direct the ball.

  • You stand 10 yards from the heading player. Players A, B and C stand around 5 yards away in different directions.
  • You throw the ball to the heading player and call out A, B or C. The heading player must head the ball to the correct player.
  • Throw the ball so the heading player can keep their feet on the ground at first. Then throw so they have to jump.

How to advance the heading drill

  • Set out five players in a zigzag formation about 5 yards apart.

  • Player A throws the ball up and heads to player B, who heads to player C and so on, until it reaches player E.
  • If the ball falls to the ground, get the next player in the sequence to throw and head on. Don’t go back to the start or some players may not get many touches!
  • If player E can continue, they should try to head the ball back to player D and in sequence to player A – keeping the ball in the air.

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