Crossbar challenge game to work on basic soccer heading skills

Run the crossbar challenge to improve your soccer players' heading skills.

Once in a while I like to throw into my football (soccer) training sessions some fun games to keep my players happy. The crossbar challenge is one such game.

How to play crossbar challenge

  • This basic heading skills game is set up using the penalty area of whichever size soccer pitch you use.

  • I line my players up in two rows with the first player in each row behind the line of the penalty area.
  • A helper and I throw balls at the penalty spot from which the two teams have to head the ball. They must try and hit the crossbar of the goal.
  • I set a time limit and see which team can hit the bar the most times within that time limit.
  • This can also be used as a warm-up soccer (football) drill.

If you have an indoor training space with goals marked out on a wall, you can also use this heading drill for indoor soccer coaching sessions.

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