Simple heading soccer drill

This repetitive heading drill is a good one to use with your soccer players to help them realise a header can be just as accurate as a kick in the right situation.

Practising headers can be boring for many players so I’ve come up with this fun way to make simple headers come naturally to your players.

Heading skills

Young players who are not comfortable heading a ball will close their eyes and use their top of their skull. Two points I aim to get across in this exercise is that players must keep their eyes open for as long as possible when they head the ball and they must use their foreheads to head it.

This is a fast-moving game which uses all the body movements needed when heading in a game. Instead of standing still, the working player is keeping balance, and moving and turning while watching the server and the ball.

Soccer coaching exercise to practise heading skills

How to play heading game

  • Split your players into pairs. One is the working player who must move and head the ball, the other player is the server.
  • Players move through the flags and cones as quickly as possible, making accurate headers back to the server.
  • Once the players have gone through the flags they go back to the beginning and start again, swapping roles.

Use the right technique

  • Watch the ball.
  • Move into the line of the ball.
  • Keep eyes open.
  • Head the ball with the forehead.
  • Aim for the middle of the ball.

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