Soccer drill to coach flick on headers

One of the roles of players in the box is to flick on headers, which can cause huge problems for defenders and give the attacking team the advantage. Coach these heading skills using the following soccer (football) drills.

This is a good soccer skills tactic to teach players to use when tight marking makes it difficult to get the ball through to your team-mates' feet.

The flick-on technique is often used in front of the near post, when the ball is crossed from the wing or on corner kicks. The ball is helped on its way into the danger zone and it is difficult for the goalie to cut out this type of cross.

Soccer (football) drills to get players practising flick-on headers

How to use the flick-on

The flick-on does not require a lot of power; the idea is to use the speed of the ball and flick the header back off the centre of the forehead. To practise this, organise a drill with four players, as in the diagram, a server of the ball, a defender, the heading player and a catcher behind him. The position of the defender can change so he is in front or behind the flicker. Swap roles often so everyone has a turn at heading in the drill.

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