Soccer drill to improve attacking headers

Work on your players’ attacking headers with this soccer training drill and they will send fewer chances over the bar, and more into the goal.
attacking headers drill

  1. Tell your players to get into line with the ball quickly.

  2. They must time their run so they come from behind a defender and get in front of them just as they meet the ball.
  3. If the pass – or cross – is deeper, tell them to take a step back away from the defender and create space that way.
  4. In the attacking area they must be really positive to try and win the ball. Tell them that the defender has most to lose.
  5. Tell your players to use their forehead, making contact with the centre or the top half of the ball to send it downwards.
  6. If they jump early, coach your players to ‘hang’ in the air. That will make it very difficult for a defender to beat them to the ball without giving away a foul.

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