Strong midfielder tactics

There is one problem with possession soccer and that is how are you going to play it if you haven’t got the ball or you keep losing it! The best way to get the ball back is to have a strong midfielder whose job it is to tackle the opposition, win the ball back and get your team passing again.

A strong tackler in the middle

If you're playing possession soccer, one of the things you have to take into account is winning the ball back. Sure, all your players know how to tackle but every team should have a player who gives his all to win the ball back.

Use your best tackler in midfield

What you have to do is take your best tackler and show him how to stop attacks and hit the opposition hard with some good passing skills. When the opposition loses the ball they will be at their most vulnerable and your midfielder will be able to put them on the back foot with a good pass.

He will become a key player in your match day tactics – a player the rest of the team rely on when you lose the ball.

Midfield ball winner soccer drill

  • Tell your player to play in the hole in front of the central defenders.

  • Get him to close down any player running at the defence and stop them in their tracks.
  • You’ve seen games where the opposition kick off and runs right through your team to score. This player stops that. He targets the man with the ball and makes sure he gets it.
  • And when he does get the ball, he’s off running, passing, opening up the opposition defence.
  • The rest of the team have to be ready to support his role and be open for the pass.

Soccer coaching drill to get midfielders winning the ball

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