Zig zag soccer drill for midfielders

Midfielders need to be strong runners and should have the ability to get up and down a pitch quickly, whether it's at 7-a-side or 11-a-side. So you need to give them a lot of speed fitness training drills to work on these skills. Try to set aside 10 minutes at each soccer coaching session to get all your players doing these drills.

This is a simple soccer drill to use, which you can set up quickly with just a few cones.

Backward zig-zag drill

  • Place two lines of markers 3-5m apart, to form a 15-metre long channel for this drill.

  • Stand at one end, back facing down the channel.
  • Shuffle backward and sideways, zig-zagging down the channel.
  • Get your players to maintain a low centre of gravity throughout the soccer drill.
  • Repeat the drill five times. Rest for 90 seconds between drill repetitions.

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