Keeping possession is the key to winning and these soccer passing drills will help your team achieve that. The best passing teams dictate the play, conserve energy, make the best of their resources and score more goals. Passing is about technique, judgement and vision.These passing drills give you some great advice on how to coach these attributes to your players. Long passing, short passing, side foot passing and crossing are all dealt with. We also have great passing games to really sharpen your players’ passing skills.

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How switching play can make your team stronger

Watching the Euros instead of standing coaching my players gives me a good chance to see how some of the world’s greatest coaches approach games where the opposition poses different problems. Chelsea’s new boss Antonio Conte gave a wonderful performance in matches before they lost out to Germany on penalties. He was faced with two […]

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The Volley Pass

Your players need to have skills to beat their opponents and give your team the advantage on match days and a volley pass is a fast pass when team mates are in space for a long pass to catch out their opponents. Here’s how to do it… WHY USE IT A volley pass gives players […]

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AskDave - Creating space when in possession

An U14 session to encourage possession

Here is a session from my archive that has neutral players who need to look and understand where to move to for the success of the team play. I hope they help you with the problem you are having. Keep Ball session This is an excellent game to educate players to keep the ball away from hotshot opponents through good […]

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Passing Pairs is a Rondo soccer drill

What is a Rondo in soccer?

Watching my U15s control the game at the weekend was one of those occasions when I felt really proud of my coaching. Pass, pass, move, one-touch, backheel… It was all there and I loved every minute of the way they ran the game. They won 3-1 but the score was irrelevant – it was the […]

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Overlapping runs soccer drill

For overlapping runs your attackers need to be fit – this soccer drill is all about passing, then accelerating past the player you have passed to. Players should be passing firmly to feet, following the pass then overlapping on the outside. Make sure your players are calling names so the receiver knows which side the […]

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Wall pass soccer drill

One of the simplest and most effective passing movements is the wall pass. You give the pass, run past the player, then receive it. Get your players trying this skill all over the pitch and they will not only enjoy the drill but realise how successful simple passing can be. The way this drill works […]

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Free kick soccer drill using dummy trick

Free-kicks are often wasted in youth soccer. You need to put some thought into how to set up your team to make best use of a free kick and drill the skills in coaching sessions. Using a dummy for a free kick involves playing the ball through the legs of one of your attackers to […]

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Soccer drill to get players passing and moving

I hate it when I see long lines of players in pairs passing to each other across the pitch. Players tend to get bored with these type of soccer drills and the situation isn't like it would be during a match. Use this passing soccer drill for a more realistic work-out. This movement around a […]

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