4v2 soccer drill for judging short or long passing

Using this 4v2 soccer training drill, you can coach your players so they get used to moving to the ball for short or longer passes. The receivers need to move into space so the player on the ball has opportunities to pass.

Set up the drill

One player is nominated as the target player for the attackers. They must move into space so the pass can be made directly or via a team-mate

For this soccer drill use an area 30 yards x 20 yards. You need four attackers and two defenders.

One of the attackers stays away from the main pack and moves into positions where the player on the ball can see him to make a killer pass. If there is no direct pass to the target player, the other three attackers play the ball to each other in short passes. The two defenders must stay with the three attackers and try to stop short passes, and block any opportunity for a pass to the target player.

Soccer (football) drill to get players short or long passing and moving into space to receive.

Run the soccer drill

  • Give a goal to the attackers every time they get the ball to the target player, and a goal for the defenders when they either win a tackle or intercept a pass.

  • In the first part of this soccer drill, the target player is not moving and his team-mate cannot pass the ball through to him. He must make a run like he does in the second diagram so the player on the ball can see him and make the pass.
  • In diagrams 3 and 4 the four white attackers are faced with different positions of the two defenders. In diagram three the positioning of the defenders makes it harder to pass the ball because the defenders can close down quickly any of the three attackers when the pass is made.
  • In diagram 4 the defenders are out of position and the attackers will find it much easier to get in front of the defender and create space to pass it to the next attacker. 

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