Back heel passing drill

This soccer training drill is aimed at getting your players exchanging the ball with a back-heel switch.

This works when two players’ paths cross. Unlike a normal overlap, the player runs behind the person with the ball and receives a back-heel, allowing them to take the ball and carry on running from behind the player with the ball.

Ultimately, this nifty soccer skill is intended to fool the opposition as to which player has the ball.

To practise this drill you need to set up a 20 x 20 yard square with two or more players on each corner. Number the corners 1, 2, 3, 4 and go in sequence.

image to show players dribbling then back heeling ball to fool their opponents

Drill set up

  • The first player must dribble the ball towards the middle of the square.
  • The second player makes an under-lapping run in behind the first player.
  • The first player back-heels the ball into the second player’s path and then sprints out of the area.
  • The second player receives the back heel and then dribbles out of the area. This soccer drill is then repeated in the opposite direction.