Coach chip kick passing skills

When you are coaching soccer passing skills show your players how to do the chip kick.

When to use the chip kick

If defenders are in the way of a pass, a chip over them is the best way to get the ball to a team-mate. Similarly, if the goalkeeper is off his line, a chip kick is the best way to score, or it may be that a free kick near goal needs chipping over the wall.

Soccer passing drill to coach the chip kick

Football kicking technique for the chip

A chip kick can be quite a difficult technique to pick up. You need to get your players to practise chip kicking technique a lot so they know how much power to use, how high to hit the ball, and how a quick downward swing of the kicking leg can put a lot of backspin on the ball, which has an effect on bounce and the flight of the ball.

Chipping over a player is a good football passing drill

Set your players up in groups of three and play a piggy in the middle-style passing drill, with the outer two players chipping the ball to each other over the middle player. Tell the middle player he cannot move until the ball has been chipped, then he can turn and try to win the ball.

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