Coaching session to get young players to pass

Younger players play for themselves. When they receive the ball it’s as if the rest of their team no longer exists. All they want to do is run in any direction until they are tackled. To alter this mindset and encourage players to pass more, use these five training ideas in your soccer coaching sessions.

Time possession

Play games where players can only run with the ball for four seconds before they have to pass.

The three pass rule

Condition games so there has to be a minimum of three passes after each restart before a goal can be scored. You can increase the number of passes once players get used to this.

Passing is key

Make it clear that you view passing as the most important skill for your players. Spend time developing their passing technique and variety of passing skills.

Positive praise

Use match-related soccer drills to enhance the basic skill. For example, one team with five players passes to each other while a team of two players tries to win the ball. Piggy-in-the-middle-type games are ideal for developing passing awareness. Be positive in your praise for good passes as much as for dribbling, tackles or goals.

Passing is cool

In your coaching session you should rate passing as the “coolest” skill in the game. Coach wall passes, flicks and free kick moves which involve passing. Players will find these more exciting than just passing in straight lines.

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