Coaching the wall pass soccer drill

West Ham Academy director Tony Carr believes that beating an opponent is a vital soccer skill to teach youth players. One of the best ways to get players to pass past an opponent is to teach them the wall pass. This means your team can play in small triangles all over the pitch to gain advantage and create goal scoring opportunities.

“It is important that you arm your players with the soccer skills to create space by taking a player from the other team out of the game,” Tony told Better Soccer Coaching.

The wall pass is one of the quickest and most perfect soccer tactic.

The player who is running with the ball avoids a tackle from an opponent by passing to a stationary or running team mate, who acts as a wall by bouncing the ball back to the player who has now run clear.

The second player has to calculate, in a split-second, the weight and direction to give the ball and anticipate exactly where his team mate will run to. If we had to make a geometric drawing of the wall pass it would form a triangle.

This is the best way to give your players the simple skill of the wall pass.

Simple way to beat opponents 2

Set up two rows of players, A and B, with a mannequin or pole in the middle. They should be about 10 yards away from the mannequin/pole. Put player C about two yards to the side of the mannequin/pole.

Player A runs toward the mannequin/pole and, just before he gets to it, he passes to player C then continues beyond the mannequin/pole to receive the return pass. He then gives the ball to player B who does the same thing in the opposite direction.

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