Develop passing skills with soccer pyramid drill

Players need to practise their soccer passing skills so they begin to gain a "feel" for the weight on the ball – and the more they do it, the better they will get. But they need a good soccer (football) drill to help.
You can use this soccer coaching session to help players with passing distances so they can see how the weight of the pass is as important as the accuracy.

In the pyramid passing game your players can practise passing over different distances. In the diagram I have used seven players with a ball at each point on the pyramid. If you have fewer players, make a smaller pyramid.

Soccer drill to practise passing accuracy and weight of pass

How to run the soccer drill

  • Starting with player A, the players take it in turns to pass to the server, who returns the pass.

  • The server should pass with their right foot to players on their left, and with their left foot to the players on their right.
  • Once players have completed a circuit, each one moves on a place, including the server.

Advance the soccer drill

You can advance the session by using just one ball. So the server passes to player A, who passes back, then to player B and so on.

You can also change the game so players on the left of the pyramid (A-C) use their right foot and the players on the right (E-G) use their left foot. Player D can use either foot.

Key soccer coaching point

Watch out for players rolling the ball so it slowly reaches its target. Explain that the ball must move quickly as it would in a match. It doesn't always have to be a side foot pass, although players will find this the most accurate.

Develop the soccer drill skills

  • In the second part of the soccer drill, players A and G stay where they are while the others spread out, so the passing distances increase by 10 yards.

  • Now, when player A passes to the server, you shout out the name of the next player the server should pass to. After each pass the player passes back to the server and you shout another name.

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