Football passing and receiving drill with fitness element

Use this basic soccer drill to coach passing and receiving skills while also working on your players' fitness and agility.

Soccer drill for basic passing and receiving as well as agility and fitness

How to coach football passing drill

Player A sprints towards player B.

Player B passes/throws to player A.

Player A passes/volleys/heads back(one touch) to player B.

Player A turns and sprints towards player C.

Player C passes/throws player A.

Player A passes/volleys/heads back(one touch) to player C.

Repeat back to B.

Set up soccer (football) drill

  • You need groups of three, and work each player A for one minute then rest for one minute, then do it again for one minute.

  • Do three repetitions of the drill before changing player A.
  • Start them on passes then move to volleys and on to headers. ALL your players need to take a turn as player A.
  • Set up as many threes as you need so all your players are involved.

Basic football passing and fitness drill

What this basic football drill coaches your players to do is to pass, volley and head under pressure from a fitness point of view rather than under pressure from another player.

If they do the football drill often enough, not only will they be fitter but they will be using these skills naturally during matches – especially when the other team is tired.

Key soccer coaching points

  • Look for good soccer skills and technique in these drills.

  • Give your players plenty of rests during the football drill.

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