Overlapping runs soccer drill

For overlapping runs your attackers need to be fit – this soccer drill is all about passing, then accelerating past the player you have passed to.

Players should be passing firmly to feet, following the pass then overlapping on the outside. Make sure your players are calling names so the receiver knows which side the passer has run around.

This soccer drill gives your players a good physical work out, as well as a good skills work out. The players are passing, running and playing one-twos.

Overlaps are often accompanied in matches by a cross into the box, so you could incorporate this at the end of the soccer drill to extend it further.

soccer drill to get players passing, running past player, and playing 1-2

How to run the drill

Stage one: Inside a 20×20 grid, the soccer drill begins with player 1 passing the ball towards the player on the first cone. Player 2 now runs inside the cone as player 1 runs around the outside of the cone. When both players have passed the cone they play a one-two and on the return pass, player 2 passes to player 3 and the sequence starts again.

Stage two: Other players can rotate in during the soccer drill. The drill should be repeated in both directions. The ball is always played on the ground.