Pass and move soccer drill challenge

When you're coaching your soccer (football) players to pass and move in quick formations try putting their skills to the test with a pass and move to the ball soccer drill. Time them against the clock and each other to make the soccer drill more challenging.

Find the fastest player

Pass and move skills are also needed in this soccer drill.

Accuracy and speed soccer drill

  • Tell your players they have to pass four balls through a specified goal in the quickest time.

  • Time how long it takes each of them to do it.
  • Add the time plus the time penalties and write out a league table.
  • Do it in conjunction with other soccer (football) drills, so your players are not all standing around.

Run the soccer drill

  • Tell your players to start in the middle by the centre cone, and wait for your signal to go.

  • Each ball must be passed through the set of cones without touching the cones in this soccer drill.
  • A five-second penalty is added to the final time if the ball hits one of the cones.
  • A ten-second penalty if the ball misses the goal completely.
  • Side foot passing is best for this soccer drill.
  • Tell your players to use the side foot passing technique.
  • They should place the balancing foot alongside the ball.
  • Tell them their upper body and head should be over the ball for control and stability.

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