Passing square soccer drill

Simple, accurate passing is beautiful to behold but it can get frustrating when young players cannot pass a ball with purpose. One of the best ways to get groups of youngsters to pass with accuracy is to set up a soccer drill using a passing square, so the players have targets to pass to and places to run to.

In this soccer drill, you also need to keep an eye on the technique of your players. The passing square drill is a very versatile drill to use to work on passing skills. You can tell your players to simply pass the ball, pass and follow the ball to the next cone or even pass one way and run the other. Depending on the age and experience of the players you are coaching, you can make the square work for you in different ways.

Training drill set up

Soccer coaching drill to get players passing with purpose, using a square.

You need two balls, four cones and a minimum of five players for this soccer coaching drill.

Start the drill

Start by passing the ball around the square accurately and at pace. Then get your players to follow their pass to the next cone. This is an example of how a centre-back passes out to the full-back – pass and move to make yourself available again.

Key soccer coaching tip

The best passers are able to use either foot to pass with, so shout to your players at regular intervals, "Change direction!" Now they must go around the square the other way, but use their other foot to pass the ball.