Scoring box soccer drill

Finding a pass to unlock your opposition's defence is particularly useful in crowded central areas. The scoring box soccer drill gives you the opportunity to practise quick passing skills in order to create a 1v1 opportunity against the goalkeeper.

These quick passing combinations will develop movement between your players and improve their interaction when in possession of the ball.

Watch out for over-playing! Three to five passes is ideal and represents the quick passages of play that develop towards the end of an attacking build up.

Scoring box soccer drill to get players making quick passes.

Run the soccer drill

Begin with the players passing around the square in the sequence A-B-C-D before attempting one of the following drill sequences:

  1. A passes to C, C sets B and B plays a through ball for D. D spins outside and shoots from the diagonal pass.

  2. B passes to D who lays it back for A. A plays a straight ball for C who angles his run behind D to get on to the through ball and shoot.
  3. A plays to C who lays the ball off to D. D plays in B for a third man run to shoot at goal. Make sure each player gets an opportunity to play in all of the positions.

Finally, give the players the freedom to make any combination of passes before one player is released to shoot. A defender can be added inside the box to put pressure on the passing.

Tony Carr is the Academy Director of West Ham United in the English Premier League and the editor of the Smart Sessions soccer coaching plans – they come in advanced and core versions. Click here to get Smart Sessions dropping into your inbox every week.

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