Simple passing game for soccer coaches

This passing game encourages movement and co-ordination which are vital if you want your junior teams to progress in soccer. Use this simple soccer passing game to coach a good pass.

Make basic drills into a passing game

Soccer (football) drills need to be easy to explain and carry out for your players to benefit.

That’s why I came up with this two-goal passing and moving game to coach basic soccer and football passing. It has all the elements of a soccer game. Two goals, crosses, passes and movement. It’s also simple to play.

Passing and moving drill made into game

How to set up the soccer passing game

  • You need to use 7 or 8 players.
  • Set up two goals using the penalty area of your pitch – have one goal in the usual place and the other at the side.
  • Put two players in as goalkeepers – keep changing them unless you are playing your usual goalkeeper.
  • Set up two cones about 10m apart that your players have to run around.

How to play soccer passing game

  • Check out the diagram. Make sure players are doing this at pace and thinking about where they’re running and the quality of ball they are passing or shooting.
  • A group of players stand top left and the coach top right.
  • The first player in the group passes to A then runs around the cone into a position to score in goal 1.
  • A then runs towards goal 2 and shoots from pass by the coach.
  • B replaces A and we start again.

What to look for in this soccer passing exercise

After they have completed the drill a couple of times you should begin to see players running, passing, looking and moving to the ball a lot more fluently.

Key coaching tips for this soccer passing drill

  • Players will find their feet over timing runs to the second goal when the coach is passing the ball for them to run on to.
  • Praise good headers, shots and the ability to get to the first cross quickly.
  • Make sure your players are focused on what they have to do. Tell them to concentrate on their positions.

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