Soccer coaching drill for receiving passes under pressure

This soccer (football) coaching session helps players create space when they're being tightly marked, and remain relaxed when receiving the ball in these situations. Players need to be put under pressure so that when it happens in a match they will know how to react.
Soccer tips for receiving under pressure

  • Confidence is a big part of being able to receive the ball.

  • Players will often only call for the ball when they are in a lot of space. However, watching top professionals, they will see that they are comfortable receiving the ball to feet with very little room to move.

Soccer drill set up

  • Set up a 30 yards by 30 yards area, split into three 30 yards by 10 yards areas for the first part of this drill.

  • Have a goal at one end of each 10 yards area.
  • Revert back to one area of 30 yards by 30 yards as the soccer drill session progresses.

Soccer drill session to get players receiving the ball when under pressure

How to run receiving soccer drill

In a 1v1 situation, the forward must move to create space to receive a pass. Once in possession, the forward must try to turn and shoot into the goal.

Ideally, players receive the ball side on to the defender with the outside of their front foot. This gives them extra space to control and distance the defender from the ball.

Also, when moving to receive the ball, it's important the forward's run is at an angle and not straight. This gives the player the option to go right or left quickly, or look for a pass around the corner.

How to develop receiving drill

Play a 2v2 on the full pitch with the three goals remaining in place. The forwards must move to receive a pass from the midfielder. The midfielder can now join the game and looks to combine with the forwards to score.

Finally, three teams of three players play a continuous 3v3 game. After defending, the teams attack and rest. The attacking team players must make a movement to receive the ball from the coach, and the players must combine to score a goal.
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