Soccer coaching drill to focus on playmaker role

Use this soccer drill to develop the skills that make players stand out in matches.

A skilful player causes excitement

We all have favourite players that cause a stir of excitement when they get the ball because we know that something will happen – a defence-splitting pass, a clever one-two, a flick or a spin. It’s the playmaker in action. For anyone old enough to remember the great teams of the 70s and 80s every team had a playmaker who would bring the crowds to their feet.

image shows playmaker drill with 4v4 and the extra playmaker players

Drill to focus on skilled players

So the idea behind this soccer training drill is to encourage the development of a playmaker. The player will be working on his soccer skills – passing and receiving – and his communication and decision making, as well as adding his own flair.

Setting up the soccer drill

Have a 4v4 match, then chose your playmaker who is the extra player. Put him in a different coloured bib. He plays for the team in possession. For either team to score a goal, the play must go through the playmaker.

The playmaker will see a lot of the ball and make many decisions. It is this repetition that will improve passing, receiving and decision making skills.

Key soccer coaching tips:

More involvement, less pressure and lots of fun will allow the more skilled players to develop.