Soccer coaching game to develop playing skills

This is a simple soccer game to allow players to practise passing, dribbling and turning techniques. Because of this, it is a very versatile exercise allowing you to watch your players develop techniques and gives them the chance to experiment with their play and try out new soccer skills.

  • This practice focuses the players on passing quickly to an open player and then dribbling into the space created.
  • For the warm-up, divide the players into two teams. Each team takes a turn to see which of its players can dribble through the most gates in 30 seconds.
  • That team then rests while the other team works.
  • This means each team will have one winning player on each turn.

One team start in the gates, the other team starts with a ball each. The players must dribble around and make one-twos or overlaps using the players in the gates. The players must communicate their actions.

Now the players dribble around and pass to the player in the gate and take their place. The players must call “turn” to let their team mate know they have space to turn into.

Finally, use the gates to run a series of games.

Dribble game – the teams compete to score the most goals by dribbling through a gate.

Pass game – the teams compete to score the most goals by passing through a gate to a teammate.

Dribble v pass – one team has to dribble to score, one team has to pass to score.

The article is taken from Smart Sessions.

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