Soccer coaching game to prove good passing skills beat aggressive play

Use this fun soccer coaching game to get young players realising the importance of using good passing skills.

The Champions of Chaos game comes from Meredith Rilley, U10s and U14s coach of Red Storm Rebels, Connecticut, USA, who uses the game to coach players to help them overcome aggressive play with good passing.

She explains that the game is great for a day when players need to let off some energy, which can be a distraction in other drills.

“The kids love the chaos and the aggression of the game and, as teams are eliminated, what I love is that they start to see that it takes skill to stay in the game, not just random aggressive kicking and running. At first, aggression will rule, then you will see passing skills take charge.”

Set up the soccer coaching game

  • One goal is needed and the penalty area is a “no go” zone.
  • No goalkeeper.
  • Divide players into pairs and call them the As, Bs, Cs and so on.

How to play it

  • Start the game by throwing the ball into the middle of the playing area – only one ball in play at at time.
  • Players in their pairs fight to gain possession of the ball, pass to their team mate and try to combine and shoot to score.
  • When a team has scored, it sits down and is through to the next round. Play until there is only one team left – this team is out.
  • Rounds are played, each eliminating the “non-scoring” team, until there is one team left – the winners.
  • Any restarts are by you throwing into the middle again.
  • Play fair.
  • No goal hanging allowed – this is done by having the penalty area as a “no-go” zone, so players must pass and shoot from outside the area.

Key soccer coaching points

  • Players need to be available for passes, run into open space – at a close distance at first, then adjusting as teams are eliminated.
  • Players will find give-and-go passes a must for successful possession retention.
  • Being able to receive under pressure is important with so many players vying for the same ball at close range.

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