Soccer coaching session to improve vision and awareness before a pass

How often do you have to call out to your players not only to tell them when to pass, but where to pass to? This shouldn’t be the case, so use the following soccer coaching session to develop players’ vision, ball control and passing awareness skills.

Knowing where team-mates are, and seeing where to either run with the ball or where to pass the ball, is a vital part of a young soccer player’s development.

In youth soccer it is the speed of movement and control that gives a player the edge over his or her opponent. You can get players taking control of the ball with the help of these soccer drills. They’re suitable for all age groups.

Soccer coaching session to improve passing vision

Run the soccer coaching session

  • Set up a 20-yard square with four cones, six yards apart in the centre. You need four players on the cones and one player on each side of the square.
  • This is an important starting point for players just beginning to pass and control the ball with movement, but you can also use it as a soccer warm-up drill for more advanced players.
  • The players outside the square pass to their partners next to the cones, who move forward to control and return the pass. The players then move on one cone.
  • The inside players must move quickly, passing and moving to the next cone. After 10 passes get the outside and inside players to swap roles.

How to advance the drill

  • Advance the soccer coaching session by removing the cones and allowing the players outside the square to move up and down their side of the square. The players in the centre have a ball each.
  • Players in the square must jog around, then sprint, pass to an outside player, control the return and sprint away. Play for five minutes, then swap roles.
  • You can advance the soccer drill further by shrinking the square to 10 yards. Use four players outside the square but only two inside.
  • The players inside can pass to any of the four outside, but passes must be fast and sharp. Players inside the square must control quickly and pass to the outside players who return the pass first time.

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