Soccer coaching tips for one touch lay offs

Sometimes it is a good idea to lay the ball off to a team-mate when a player is either being closed down quickly or tightly marked, to create space for a pass or shot. Help your players work on these skills with the following soccer drill.

First-touch passing is hard to defend against because the ball is moved quickly away from the position expected.

It is a great soccer skill to coach your players – a lay-off from a pass can create goal chances, but you should tell your players to make sure they communicate to each other if they are going to use it in defense. A poor lay-off in defense can give the ball away.

It is quite a difficult soccer drill to use with young players as they have to control the ball and pass it correctly. You need to tell your players to keep their eyes on the ball and use the pace of the incoming pass to lay the ball off to their partners.

soccer drill to get team working on one touch lay offs from long passes

How to coach the soccer drill

  • Put your players into pairs opposite each other. The ball is hit long to one of the opposite players.

  • The receiving player immediately lays it off to their partner with one touch.
  • Their partner hits a first-time pass to the opposite player..
  • …who controls the ball by immediately laying it off to the player next to them.
  • This soccer drill is repeated five times before the roles are reversed.

How to change the drill

  • Tell your players to vary the speed, height and angle of pass so that the receiving player has to use their chest, feet and head.

  • You can vary the space between your players to increase the difficulty of this drill.
  • Get your players using their 'wrong' foot for controlling and passing.
  • You can also get your players to replace the second pass with a shot at goal.