Soccer drill for a lay off pass

When performed with the right weight and timing, a lay-off pass speeds up attacking play and creates opportunities your team can exploit. Use the following soccer drill to coach players to use these skills.

Soccer drill tips

You are looking for these skills in this soccer (football) drill:

  • Cushion ball – make it inviting for team-mate to run onto without breaking stride and so they can pass/shoot first time.

  • Accuracy, timing and weight of pass.
  • Use inside (and outside) of foot.
  • Communication – verbal, eye-contact, hand signals.

Soccer drill set up

You need to use an area 30×30 yards.

Soccer drill to get players working on lay-off pass

Run the soccer drill

  • Split players into two equal groups – those with a ball (group “A”) and those without (group “B”).

  • “A” players can pass to any “B” player, who must return the ball using a lay-off.
  • “A” players must now dribble to a new “B” player and repeat the skills.
  • “A” and “B” players switch roles every couple of minutes.

How to develop the soccer (football) drill

  • Players line up centrally and just outside the “D” of the penalty area, with one player located centrally, approx 2-3m inside the penalty area.

  • The first player in the line passes to the “lay-off” player, then shoots first-time at goal. After shooting, they turn and become the next player to lay-off the ball before joining the back of the line.
  • Players laying-off the ball must practise passing both to the left and right and using both feet. This soccer drill is also designed to encourage shooting with both feet.

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