Soccer drill to advance passing skills

When I want my soccer players to think about passing and movement, I instruct them to pass the ball one way and move in another direction. It means they have to think about co-ordination and this advanced soccer skill becomes second nature in matches.

This soccer coaching drill also allows your players to think about where they are moving to as they control and pass the ball. It helps young players perfect the weight and accuracy of the pass while on the move and as they look for a player to pass to.

Soccer drill to advance passing skills

Soccer drill set up

  • Set up an area measuring 30 yards by 20 yards, with a cone at each corner. Have a number of players at the first cone and one player on each of the next three cones.
  • The game is continuous but because there is a lot of passing and movement, it relies on your players to listen, then perform the tasks using good technique, running and passing skills.

How to play the soccer drill

  • Follow the steps in the diagram. Your players will have to concentrate as you talk through the steps. Read the diagram carefully so you can see how the ball is moving around the cones.
  • Make sure your players are concentrating on all the aspects of the exercise – passing, ball control, awareness and moving with ease around the cones. Explain to them the weight and accuracy of the pass are vital to the soccer drill.
  • When you have run the drill for about 10 minutes (or less if you are using a few players) have a drinks break then tell your players you want to see them do it again at full speed for five minutes. They will either be brilliant or have a great deal of fun and laugher trying to be brilliant!

Advance the drill

If you change the soccer drill so players only have one touch, it makes the session much harder and much faster. See how long they can keep it going with just one touch – this needs a lot of concentration and timing and weight of pass needs to be accurate or it won’t work.

End with a small-sided game and look for skills the players have learned in this soccer coaching session.

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