Soccer drill to get players finding space

Use this soccer coaching drill session to teach your players to find and create space as well as anticipate how to use space.

Soccer coaching drill

  • Set up a 10m x 10m square with cones with four players and a ball.

  • Within the square, the players must pass the ball and immediately run into space.
  • The first movement after passing the ball is relatively easy. It is harder for the players who are moving without having passed the ball, but they will be creating the most valuable space.

Soccer drill session to coach players how to find space

What you tell your players to do

  • Pass the ball and immediately run into where space will be created.

  • You should be constantly on the move except for momentary stops for passing.
  • Make the pass and run at a player without a ball. He should be doing the same.
  • When a defender has been added to the soccer drill, make sure you run behind him to find space.

Develop the soccer drill

Once the players have got the hang of the soccer drill, move from two or more touches to one-touch passing to increase the pressure. Then introduce a defender.

Often this will cause the movement to stop, or you will see players start to move towards the ball to receive a pass rather than find space. For further development, extend the size of the square and add a player on each side, making a 5 v 2.

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